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Magical Decor Combo Saver Pack

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Shop this look, and save time and money! Creating this magical corner in your home is now super-easy and affordable.

This set includes 3 dreamy hot air balloons along with a string of mini hot air balloon fairy lights, to transform your space. Sit back with your friends or family and enjoy making happy memories together. These colourful and easy paper craft kits come with pre-cut sheets, string and paper clips included for assembly. For long term use, glue the lamps together, or for short term use, assemble them with the paper clips provided in the kit. This is a must-have paper craft for home decoration during festivals, parties and celebrations. 

Finished size of BIG paper lamp shade:
9 x 12 inches or 23 x 30 cm approx.

Finished size of SMALL paper lamp shades:
6 3/4 x 9 1/2 inches or 17 x 24 cm approx.

Finished size of each MINI balloon is 8 cm (length) by 8 cm (width) by 10.5 cm (height) or 3.2 inches (length) by 3.2 inches (width) by 4.1 inches (height). 

Length of each electric fairy light string LED part is approximately 80 inches and length of wire from last LED to plug is another 60 inches.  

These ready-to-assemble paper kits carry intricate patterns and detail. Easy to assemble with just paper clips (included) or glue (not included). They come with LED bulbs and wires so that you can hang the lampshades up immediately upon assembling. The mini balloons need no sticking at all, just simple slotting. 

- 1 string of fairy lights
- 10 pre-cut, pre-creased mini hot air balloon lampshades
- 3 pre-cut, pre-creased balloon sheets (1 Big Blue, 1 Small Red and 1 Small Blue hot air balloon lamp shades)
- 6 paper pre-cut baskets
- paper clips and string
- each lamp shade is individually packaged in a beautiful printed envelope with step-by-step assembly instructions
- 3 x LED Bulb (warm yellow light)
- 3 x Electric wire of length 4 metres, with 2-pin plug and bulb holder (black colour)