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BOX SET 1: Set of 6 DIY Mini Endangered Animals Paper Craft Kits

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Fun and learning for curious kids and free time for parents!
Introducing our new Box set of 6 DIY Mini Animals, featuring the Elephant, Owl, Tiger, Crocodile, Oryx and Mandrill. 

Did you know that no two tigers have the same skin pattern? Or that the Arabian Oryx has such an amazing sense of smell that it can sense rain and follow the smell to feed on new grasses? Learn more about these and other endangered animals and have fun making miniature paper models of your own!

The 'Endangered Wildlife' DIY Mini Friends series features 13 Educational Collectible Toys, from Sky Goodies. 

This is a great activity and learning tool for kids and adults, to get to know and love our planet and the beautiful creatures inhabiting it. The kit includes interesting facts about the animals and offers hours of creative play and learning. In the process, we get to know a bit about these animals and why they are disappearing, so we can help in some way towards saving these beautiful species from extinction. 

These kits are eco-friendly, no plastic (except for the tube of glue) and printed on FSC certified paper from responsible sources. 

- 6 pre-printed, pre-cut, pre-creased DIY Kits, with press-out parts, and assembly instructions, to make 6 animals: Elephant, Owl, Tiger, Crocodile, Oryx and Mandrill. 
- Educational facts about the animals
- Fevicol glue
- 2 animal stickers