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Hearts & Flowers COMBO SAVER: Paper Hearts Fairy Lights & Bunting

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Hearts and flowers to give your home a happy loving vibe! This Combo Saver pack of Sweet Heart Fairy Lights and Forever Flowers Bunting is the easiest way to decorate for a special day, like an anniversary, birthday or Valentine's Day. Celebrate small things, show your love, and make new memories with this easy paper home decor! 

This combo saver includes one set of 10 Sweet Heart Lamp Shades with Fairy Lights, along with 15 feet of Forever Flowers Bunting. You can choose between electric and battery-operated fairy lights from the drop down menu on this page. 

Finished size of each heart lamp shade is 10.2 cm (width) by 9.5 cm (height) by 3.8 cm (thickness) or 4 inches (width) by 3.7 inches (height) by 1.5 inches (thickness).  

Length of each electric fairy light string LED part is approximately 80 inches and length of wire from last LED to plug is another 60 inches.  
Length of battery-operated fairy light is approximately 120 inches or 10 feet. It needs 2 AA cells. 

The Forever Flowers bunting pack makes bunting of approximately 6 metres / 15 feet. It contains 32 pieces of beautiful illustrated paper flowers in shades of red and pink... along with a generous 23 feet / 7 metres of paper string. Size of the flowers ranges from 22 cm (width) to 10 cm. 

- 10 Heart Paper Lamp Shades
- 1 fairy string light with 12 bulbs (electric lights) OR 15-20 bulbs (battery-operated). Choose from electric 2-pin plug and battery-operated options (battery are not included).
- 32 paper flowers with leaves, red on the front side and pink on the reverse. Size of the flowers ranges from 22 cm (width) to 10 cm. 
- 7 metres / 23 feet of paper string
---> makes roughly 6 metres, or 15 feet of bunting. You can divide it into 2, 3 or 4 pieces of bunting.